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all the angles.

Watch and create multi-angle videos with Flysview.

Record and share
multiple angles.

Flysview is a patented solution (player and app) that gives content creators the ability to record from multiple angles and stream them as one, fully-synched video.

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When recording with Flysview, the video is streaming live for others to see.

Get paid for your
video content.

The Flysview platform allows content creators to either offer their videos for free, or charge a fee for viewing. This is a great way for photographers, social media influencers, and sports teams, etc. to earn money directly for their content.

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  • Unique web page to host and share videos
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How does
Flysview work?

devices

Flysview uses four devices at one time to record like phones, desktop computers or cameras.


Flysview syncs all the streams so they can be recorded and streamed in unison.

Multi-angle player

The Flysview player incorporates 4 unique streams that can be swapped out in realtime.

Video Player

Flysview video player works on any browser, on any device.

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Recording App

Download the Flysview app and start connecting devices and recording multi-angle videos.

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